Maroon 5 officially recording brand new album

Maroon 5 in 2016. Photo by Travis Schneider.
Maroon 5 are recording their V follow-up with super-cool producer Ricky Reed

It is official. After a year of teasing and dancing around the subject, Maroon 5 have confirmed that they are in the studio recording their upcoming sixth LP, the follow-up to their successful No. 1 album V, in Los Angeles.

Not only are Maroon 5 recording new material but they brought along producer Ricky Reed to handle co-songwriting and production. Reed is mostly famous for producing under the alias Wallpaper, whom he works with a group of other songwriters in the pop music industry. Reed has produced records with Robin Thicke, Meghan Trainor, 5 Seconds of Summer, Phantogram, R. City (hey, we know those guys), and twenty one pilots, just to name a select few.

Maroon 5 are currently stationed at Conway Recording Studios in downtown Hollywood, Los Angeles, where they have spent a lot of time recording their past two studio efforts, Overexposed (2012) and V (2014). Their latest hit single, "Cold", featuring rapper Future, and their 2016 top-ten hit "Don't Wanna Know", featuring Kendrick Lamar, are planned to make landings on the sixth album's track listing, however that has not been confirmed.

In an interview with Apple Music last year, Levine said about the band's upcoming album, "We have a bunch of great songs and I think this is the best collection of songs [Maroon 5] has done. We're really just so pumped about the quality of what we're doing. It'll be a little different, I think there's a slightly darker side. You'll just have to hear it to just understand what I mean."

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