June Highlights: Remembering Christina Grimmie, Maroon 5 hint at new album

June included the tragedy of a 'Voice' favorite, Maroon 5 hinting at new music & much more

June was a rollercoaster of a month for fans of Maroon 5, Adam Levine, and The Voice. 

The month started off with the tragic death of Christina Grimmie, a young girl who auditioned for NBC's show The Voice in 2014 and made it to the finale as a contestant on Adam Levine's team. Grimmie's passing occurred on the early morning of June 11th after an incident that happened at The Plaza Live in Orlando, Florida the night before. Grimmie was shot three times which lead to her unfortunate death hours later at a local hospital. Full story: www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/christina-grimmie-buried-in-her-beloved-new-jersey-hometown_us_57642a36e4b015db1bc92664

In other news, June was full of hints and revealing secrets as members of Maroon 5 spilled some beans on possible new Maroon 5 music. Back in April, frontman Adam Levine spoke about new Maroon 5 music on Live with Kelly and Michael, stating "We are working on some stuff right now. It's tough." He continued by saying "The Voice is happening, we're in and out of the studio. Baby stuff is happening." A couple months later, on June 22nd, founding member Jesse Carmichael revealed on his live broadcast on Periscope that Maroon 5 will indeed release a new single this summer. "We recorded a new Maroon 5 song," he flat-out said on his live broadcast. "It's coming out soon. It's going to be awesome." Ever since, fans have been eager to hear new music from the band.

Speaking of which, many fans expected Maroon 5 to drop the new song on National Maroon 5 Day, a music holiday Maroon 5 launched on June 25th to help fund UNICEF and UNICEF USA, who raise money to help poor children around the world. #Maroon5Day was also held in celebration of the 14th anniversary of the release of Maroon 5's debut studio effort, Songs About Jane, which was released on June 25, 2002.

Other Maroon 5 anniversaries that occurred in June was the 2 year anniversary of the single release "Maps" (June 16, 2014), the 4 year anniversaries of the single "One More Night" (June 19, 2012), and their fourth album Overexposed (June 26, 2012), the 5 year anniversary of "Moves Like Jagger", featuring Christina Aguilera (June 21, 2011), and the 6 year anniversary of the single "Misery" (June 20, 2010).

Also, one of Maroon 5's touring members, Sam Farrar, celebrated his 38th birthday on June 29th.

Maroon 5 keyboardist PJ Morton also released some new music in June as well. "First Began", an R&B-soul single, was released to Soundcloud on June 23rd. Listen to it here below.

Can't wait to see what happens in July!

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Top 20 Maroon 5 songs of all time (Updated)

Maroon 5.
In celebration of #Maroon5Day, here are the top 20 Maroon 5 songs of all time

Note: In celebration of 14 years of Maroon 5's debut Songs About Jane, the band partnered up with UNICEF and UNICEF USA to celebrate ‪#‎Maroon5Day‬ and their ‪#‎ChildrenFirst‬ foundation. To help, they are matching donations on June 25th up to $25,000 to help raise awareness for the cause. Head to http://unicefusa.org/maroon5 to learn more.

If you were asked to describe explain in detail the diversity and uniqueness that is Maroon 5's catalog, it would be quite an exceedingly, distinctful list. Taking in to account all five of the group's commercially success studio efforts, describing each album would be rather tricky: Songs About Jane (2002) being a funky-R&B-inspired pop record, It Won't Be Soon Before Long (2007) being a slick and solid 80's-influenced pop rock effort, Hands All Over (2010) delivering a unique funk-metal-esque sound, and Overexposed (2012) and V (2014) displaying the band's turnover into the straight up synthpop realm. Since their introduction into the mainstream commercial world, they have covered all bases of pop and rock music dabbling a little in funk, dance, electronica, disco, reggae, ska, grunge, metal, and even country across all of their albums. Each record is more diverse than it's predecessor, whether it's carrying on from a funk-a-fied sound to a shimmering pop-glistened vibe or crossing the bridge between Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye to Prince, The Police and Sting, the Grammy Award winning L.A. band has proven that they have no boundaries.

With this countdown, I am taking into account other critics' and journalists' top Maroon 5 songs lists, reviewing Rolling Stone reviews of each of the band's albums, hearing out my followers in my interactions on Twitter asking them what song should be number one, and taking into consideration of Maroon 5's most commercially productive hits. No need to worry, this countdown won't be too glazed with "Moves Like Jagger"'s and "Payphone"'s. However, some of the band's biggest and best-selling international hits have been their best taking to account "Daylight" and "She Will Be Loved." This countdown will not feature any material from the band's b-side releases, live albums, EP's, nor will include cover songs, Adam's solo material, or any songs featuring Adam Levine or the members of Maroon 5; only tracks strictly taken from the band's five commercial album releases.

So without further ado, here are the top 20 Maroon 5 songs of all time.

"My Heart Is Open"
Maroon 5 ft. Gwen Stefani
V (2014)

"One More Night"
Maroon 5
Overexposed (2012)

"Makes Me Wonder"
Maroon 5
It Won't Be Soon Before Long (2007)

"Nothing Lasts Forever"
Maroon 5
It Won't Be Soon Before Long (2007)

"Sweetest Goodbye"
Maroon 5
Songs About Jane (2003)

"Just a Feeling"
Maroon 5
Hands All Over (2010)

"Must Get Out"
Maroon 5
Songs About Jane (2003)

"This Summer's Gonna Hurt Like a Motherf**ker"
Maroon 5
V (2015)

Maroon 5
Songs About Jane (2003)

Maroon 5
Hands All Over (2010)

"This Love"
Maroon 5
Songs About Jane (2003)

Maroon 5
V (2014)

Maroon 5
Songs About Jane (2003)

"Won't Go Home Without You"
Maroon 5
It Won't Be Soon Before Long (2007)

"The Sun"
Maroon 5
Songs About Jane (2003)

Maroon 5
Overexposed (2012)

"Harder to Breathe"
Maroon 5
Songs About Jane (2003)

"She Will Be Loved"
Maroon 5
Songs About Jane (2003)

"Never Gonna Leave This Bed"
Maroon 5
Hands All Over (2010)

"Sunday Morning"
Maroon 5
Songs About Jane (2003)

What do you think of this list? Do you agree with the #1 pick? What songs should have made the countdown that didn't? Let us know on Twitter via @M5NewsRoom or comment on the article below!

Get Maroon 5's new album, V now available in stores and online:

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James Valentine to appear on Ernie Ball's 'The Pursuit of Tune'

James Valentine playing his Valentine Guitar in 2016.
Maroon 5 guitarist to feature on an upcoming episode of Ernie Ball: The Pursuit of Tune

It has been revealed by Audience Music that Maroon 5 guitarist James Valentine will be featured on an upcoming episode of Ernie Ball: The Pursuit of Tone in September.

James Valentine's episode, which will be episode six in the series, is set to air through Audience Music on September 16th.

Ernie Ball: The Pursuit of Tone, a new AT&T original documentary series, is a series of episodes that feature iconic rock and roll artists across the nation to talk about guitars, equipment, passion for music, and much more.


Maroon 5 to release new single this summer

Maroon 5 in 2015.
Jesse Carmichael confirms a new Maroon 5 song is coming out very soon

Maroon 5 founding member Jesse Carmichael has just given fans the best news of the summer, yet. 

Carmichael, formerly the keyboardist for the pop band and currently tours as the band's guitarist, revealed on a live broadcast on his Periscope that Maroon 5 had recently recorded a brand new song in the studio and it would be coming out very soon. 

Read what he said on the broadcast below:

"We recorded a new Maroon 5 song. It's coming out soon. It's going to be awesome."
You can watch his entire Periscope broadcast from Wednesday, June 22 below.

Earlier this year, frontman Adam Levine had given some hints away about Maroon 5 putting out new material this year. "Not an album right now, but maybe a song," said The Voice coach in an interview with Entertainment Tonight in April after being asked about Maroon 5's status as a band. He continues, "We got to keep the kids interested. We have something going on right now. Soon, it's coming. It's in the incubator."

Guitarist James Valentine also said, in a Q&A on Facebook with Live Nation, that the next Maroon 5 record would be recorded similar to the creative process of Songs About Jane's process. 
"I think all of us want to make a more traditional record next. What do I mean by that? More like the way we made Songs About Jane, just sitting in a room with our instruments and slugging it out. It's been fun to experiment on the last couple of records with the more electronic sounds, but maybe we've gone as far as we can with that for now."

There is no official release date or name for the new song, however it is speculated by many that the song will be released in celebration of the 14th anniversary of Songs About Jane on June 25th, also marked as National Maroon 5 Day.


Adam Levine starring in new upcoming film, 'Fun Mom Dinner'

Adam Levine in 2016. Photo by David LaChapelle.
Fun Mom Dinner will include a role from Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine

Variety has confirmed that Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine will be pursuing a role in the upcoming ensemble comedy movie Fun Mom Dinner. The movie will be directed by Australian newcomer Alethea Jones and production was set to begin on Wednesday, June 22 in Los Angeles, California.

This news follows up the recent announcement that The Voice coach and Maroon 5 singer would be starring in the upcoming indie comedy The Clapper, in which is scheduled to be released in 2017.

For more information on Levine's role in Fun Mom Dinner, click on the link below:


Maroon 5 and Rick Astley mashup goes viral

This weird new mashup of Rick Astley and Maroon 5's hits has gone viral

One of the best, yet strangest mashups in Internet history has just gone viral, thanks to TRONICBOX, a Youtuber who remixes modern day contemporary hit singles with songs from the 1980's.

In this new mashup, an a capella version of Maroon 5's 2015 hit single "Sugar" is remixed with the instrumentation from Rick Astley's 1987 single "Never Gonna Give You Up." The latter song is known to be one of the Internet's first known trolling videos, also known as "Rick Rolling."

TRONICBOX hasn't left much information about himself online, however his YouTube channel also has 1980's remixes of Justin Bieber's "What Do U Mean?" and "Love Yourself", Ariana Grande's "One Last Time", and a polka version of OMI's single "Cheerleader."

You can watch and hear all of his remixes here:

Hear "Sugar - Rick Levine" below:

June 25 is declared Maroon 5 day

Maroon 5.
Maroon 5 declare June 25 as #Maroon5Day as it marks the 14th anniversary of Songs About Jane

On June 25, it will mark 14 years since pop band Maroon 5's breakthrough debut studio effort, Songs About Jane, was released worldwide.

In honor of the band's 14 year anniversary since the album's groundbreaking release, members Jesse Carmichael and James Valentine have released a call to action video supporting the organization UNICEF USA.

Read the band's statement below:
"We want to celebrate this milestone by asking you to join us and help UNICEF USA reach kids in need. We’re blown away by the work UNICEF does to provide health care, water, education, and emergency relief to the children who need it the most. We want to give every child the chance to fulfill their potential, whether they want to compose music, discover scientific breakthroughs, or be a leader in their community."

Here's the band's post on Facebook below.


Adam Levine, 'Voice' alumni and more react to Christina Grimmie's death

Adam Levine and Christina Grimmie at "The Voice" press conference in 2014.
Coach Levine, Voice alumni, coaches, and more respond to Grimmie's unfortunate death

As previously reported, The Voice alum and former Team Adam finalist Christina Grimmie was shot three times last night (Friday, June 10) following her performance at The Plaza Live venue in Orlando, Florida, which eventually lead to her unfortunate death early on Saturday morning.

Grimmie's devastating death influenced several others to open up about their feelings through social media. 

Here's a statement from her coach, from The Voice season 6 in 2014, Adam Levine.

The Voice season 9 winner, and Team Adam finalist, Jordan Smith, took it to Facebook to share his thoughts.

The Voice season 7 runner-up, and Team Adam finalist, Matt McAndrew, opened up about his feelings on Facebook.

Coach Blake Shelton shared his thoughts through Twitter...

...And so did former coach and R&B singer Usher.

...And same with coach Christina Aguilera.

...And Pharrell Williams.

These are just some of many tweets and posts from artists and friends speaking about the tragic loss of Christina Grimmie. She was aged 22 when she passed away.

Watch Christina Grimmie's The Voice season 6 audition below:

'Voice' alum Christina Grimmie passes away

Photo by Kevin Winter, for Getty Images. Christina Grimmie co-hosting Maroon 5's album release concert in August 2014.
Former Team Adam contestant was shot to death after Orlando concert

Former The Voice contestant and popular YouTube phenomenon, Christina Grimmie, had passed away at the young age of 22, early Saturday morning (June 11). Her cause of death was caused by three gunshot wounds.

Grimmie performed as an opening act at Before You Exit's headlining concert at the Plaza Live in Orlando, Florida late on Friday, June 10. Following their respective performances, Grimmie and the band each set out a special VIP meet and greet for fans at the venue. At this time, this is when a gunman, helming two different weapons, shot Grimmie a total of three times, eventually causing her death hours later at a local hospital.

Here is the confirming Tweet from the Orlando Police.

Christina Grimmie was born on March 12, 1994 in New Jersey. She grew up becoming interested in pursuing a career in music and singing. She eventually launched her own YouTube channel, which led to a successful following. Grimmie was most prominently known for being a contestant on NBC's The Voice and becoming a finalist on coach Adam Levine's team in May of 2014, finishing in third place. Grimmie went on to pursue music, releasing a string of EPs and singles.

Watch Christina and Adam perform on The Voice below:


Adam Levine to star in new comedy film, 'The Clapper'

Photo from NBC.
The Clapper will star Adam Levine as a producer named Ralph Ranter

It has been confirmed by numerous sources on Tuesday (June 7) that Maroon 5 vocalist Adam Levine will be starring in the indie comedy film, The Clapper. The indie comedy is set to go in production later this year and will be released in 2017.

The Clapper has a star-studded cast line-up including Amanda Seyfried, Tracy Morgan, Russell Peters, Ed Helms, Leah Remini, P.J. Byrne and Mickey Gouch, Jr. The film was written and directed by Dito Montiel from his own book of the same name and focusses on an expert clapper for infomercials who gets noticed by a late-night talk show host. The professional clapper’s appearance on the show ends up costing him his job as well as his relationship.

Levine will pursue the role of the character Ralph Ranter, a film producer for the late night show that will eventually ruin the clapper's life.

For more information on this news, click on the link:

Adam Levine has previously pursued his acting career. Levine portrayed the character Dave Kohl, a musician who ends up making it big in the music industry while leaving ex-girlfriend Gretta James, portrayed by Keira Knightley, in the dust. Levine has pursued acting for the television shows 30 Rock, American Horror Story: Asylum, and is also most famously known as a coach on NBC's The Voice since 2011.

Watch Adam Levine speak about acting below: