Top 10 Non-Maroon 5 Adam Levine songs

Adam Levine performing in 2015 with Maroon 5.
Adam Levine's top 10 songs apart from Maroon 5 counted down

The sexiest man alive, Adam Levine, just recently celebrated his 37th birthday on Friday (March 18), and in honor of the man's 30-some successful years in the music industry, I thought I would compile a top 10 list of the best non-Maroon 5 songs by the birthday boy.

Levine is notoriously known for his commercially successful features in songs from Gym Class Heroes ("Stereo Hearts") and R. City ("Locked Away")–which appear on the list.

This list will feature songs that solely are performed by Adam Levine as solo artist (Begin Again, The Voice performances) and songs that feature Levine that have been published through major label distributions.

So, let's get to it.

10. "A Higher Place", Adam Levine

From the original motion picture soundtrack for the romantic-comedy Begin Again, one of the three Adam Levine performances, kick off the list. "A Higher Place" is an uptempo pop rock song written for the 2014 John Carney movie, which also features Adam Levine acting as Dave Kohl, a douchebag musician whose love interest is Kara Knightley.

09. "Somebody That I Used to Know (The Voice Performance)", Adam Levine & Christina Grimmie

It's finale week on NBC's The Voice and everybody is sure that Levine's contestant Christina Grimmie would be crowned "The Voice", which would have scored Adam his second seasonal win on the show since 2011. However, Grimmie fell to third place on finale night. I was personally disappointed and thought Grimmie had seaosn 6 in the bag. Levine and Grimmie's performance of Gotye's 2012 number-one hit single "Somebody That I Used to Know", featuring Kimbra, sticks out the most to me when it comes to Levine's The Voice performances. Levine's vocal prowess is strong and powerful throughout this performance.

08. "My Life", 50 Cent & Eminem featuring Adam Levine

One of the most underrated 50 Cent and Eminem collaborations, the alternative hip hop tune "My Life" was a creative, experimental pop track featuring a catchy, yet grimey chorus sung by Adam Levine. The song was a shot at some of 50 Cent's biggest hip hop rivals such as The Game and his former label. Eminem lends a lengthy, badass verse in the song which was highly praised, but it's Levine's vocal performance that's most memorable.

07. "No One Else Like You", Adam Levine

Another song taken from the motion picture soundtrack for Begin Again, "No One Else Like You" is a feely pop tune featuring acoustic guitars and amazing harmonies delivered by Levine.

06. "Heavy", PJ Morton featuring Adam Levine & James Valentine

So, it's Maroon 5 minus half the group, pretty much. In 2013, keyboardist PJ Morton gave a taste of his debut major label album New Orleans with his lead single "Heavy", a 70's funk track that features a crooning Adam Levine and a slique guitar solo from Maroon 5's James Valentine. The music video featured a heavy bearded Adam and pays homage to Jackson 5 music videos.

05. "Let It Be (The Voice Performance)", Adam Levine & Tessanne Chin

By far my favorite performance from Adam and any contestant from The Voice, the duo's live cover of The Beatles' 1969 hit single, "Let It Be", from the album of the same name, blows me away every single time I listen to it. I remember the somewhat controversial, outstanding performance on the show to this day and it was nothing short of phenomenal. The reggae-influence that tied in with the performance paved the way to Adam and Tessanne's seasonal win on season 5 in 2013.

04. "Locked Away", R. City featuring Adam Levine

"Locked Away" was easily one of the most popular hit singles from 2015 and definitely helped pave way to commercial success for the song's parent artist R. City. However, if it wasn't for Adam Levine's amazing vocal performance in the song, it would not have received as much radio airplay.

03. "Gotten", Slash & Adam Levine

One of the most haunting, yet distinguished songs taken from guitar legend Slash's eponymously named debut studio album, "Gotten" is one of Levine's most memorable performances from a non-Maroon 5 song ever released. A true rock song, the singer delivers a chillful, gloomy vocal performance which fit perfectly for Slash's ballady ways.

02. "Stereo Hearts", Gym Class Heroes & Adam Levine

Adam Levine took on hip hop with Kanye West in 2005 with his hit single "Heard 'Em Song", but it was Gym Class Heroes' "Stereo Hearts" that made Levine very memorable for conveying a poppy vocal in a hip hop track. "Stereo Hearts" was the lead single taken from Gym Class' comeback album, The Papercut Chronicles II, which dropped in 2011. Coinciding with Maroon 5's chart-topping hit "Moves Like Jagger", that hit and "Stereo" each rode the chart waves for almost half a year.

01. "Lost Stars", Adam Levine

"Lost Stars", arguably the best song taken from Begin Again's soundtrack album, was one of the most heartfelt performance Adam has ever delivered. A simple acoustic guitar and Levine's dreamy vocals can go a long way. "Lost Stars" was nominated for a 2015 Critic's Choice Award for Best Original Song, however lost to "Glory" by John Legend and Common, from the film Selma. The song was also performed numerous times throughout Maroon 5's 2015 world tour, which made fans go insane.

Do you agree with the list? What's your favorite Adam Levine feature or solo song? Share with us on Twitter @M5NewsRoom or comment below!


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