The Voice Recap: Adam Levine Recruits Country Crooner Cary Laine, Delvin Choice

Cary Laine who chose to be on Adam Levine's team.
Adam Levine proves to overpower Blake when it comes to country on The Voice

Again and again, Adam Levine proves to country coach Blake Shelton that Levine has got a little country love in him. Country crooner Cary Laine auditioned with The Band Perry single "Better Dig Two" which later led to a 4 coach chair turn brawl on stage. A friendly brawl.

Adam Levine has also recruited duo Dawn and Hawkes, R&B singer Delvin Choice, and YouTube star Christina Grimmie.

Tune in next Monday, Mar. 3rd to watch more Blind Auditions on The Voice at 8/7c on NBC!

Watch Delvin Choice's performance of "A Song for You" by Donny Hathaway below:

Maroon 5 Nominated for Favorite Music Group at KCA

Maroon 5 is nominated for Favorite Music Group at the Kids Choice Awards

The nominations and categories were announced earlier this week for the 27th annual Kid's Choice Awards ceremony which are to be held on the 29th of March this year. Hosting is Mark Wahlberg musical performances and guest appearances and presenters have yet to be announced. 

However, pop rock group Maroon 5 is nominated for the Favorite Music Group category this year with One Direction, One Republic, and Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. 

Live voting is open through the Kids Choice Award website right now. Vote here:

Also, Tweet #VoteMaroon5 #KCA to vote for Maroon 5. 

For a full list of KCA 2014 nominations, click here:

The Voice Premiere Recap: Christina Grimmie Joins Adam Levine's Team on The Voice Premiere

Christina Grimmie featured above.
YouTube sensation Christina Grimmie joins Team Adam on The Voice season premiere

Six seasons in and the The Voice certainly isn't hurting for talent. In a new preview of the Season 6 premiere, hitting NBC Monday, Feb. 24, aspiring artist Christina Grimmie takes to the stage with a stunning cover of Miley Cyrus' hit "Wrecking Ball," sparking a war amongst all four coaches.

Returning coaches Shakira and Usher turn for the songstress almost immediately, with mainstay Adam Levine following suit. Blake Shelton, however, holds out for quite a bit, despite Usher's urging otherwise. He doesn't remain entirely unmoved, though, finally turning, ensuring a four-way battle to be Grimmie's coach.

Without much hesitation, Christina Grimmie ended up joining Team Adam after all.

Watch Grimmie's audition below:


The Voice Coaches Perform Each Other's Song on 'Voice' Premiere

Adam Levine sings "Without You", Usher serenades with "Love Somebody" in premiere exclusive

On Thursday (Feb. 20), an exclusive sneak peek video of The Voice coaches performing each other's hit singles was uploaded to their official YouTube channel and was announced that the full performance would premiere on the first episode of season 6 on Monday, February 24. 

It's a performance we've been waiting to see since The Voice's first season. The medley kicked off with country singer Blake Shelton singing a verse from Shakira's "Wherever Wherever" while Shakira herself starting spittin' verses from Shelton's "Boys 'Round Here." R&B crooner Usher popped up singing a line from Maroon 5's latest single "Love Somebody" and coach Adam Levine singing a verse from David Guetta and Usher's hit "Without You" soon following.

Watch The Voice coaches perform the medley below:


Adam Levine Spills About New 'Dean Jean'

Adam Levine.
Adam Levine and his team talk about his new Dean Jean brand on the Adam Levine Collection

Adam Levine is introducing his new Dean Jean pant brand through his new clothing collection, sponsored by Shop Your Way. "Dean Jeans are the most soulful thing you can wear," Adam Levine stars the video saying. "They stay with you for a very long time."

This could be a good new brand of jeans for the men who like to work. Guys? You want to buy? Get the denim details here:  http://syw.co/1bvWfZW

Watch Adam Levine and his team talk about the new Dean Jean brand here:


PJ Morton Premiers New Video 'Heavy' with Adam Levine

PJ Morton and The Crusades and Adam Levine in the video.
PJ Morton releases his new music video for "Heavy" with Adam Levine

Last night, PJ Morton took the stage at 106 and Park on BET to perform his Stevie Wonder-assisted hit single "Only One" and "Heavy." Earlier today (Feb. 14), on behalf of Cash Money Records Inc. the music video for "Heavy" dropped on VEVO and YouTube. 

Maroon 5 front man Adam Levine makes a cameo as well as guitarist James Valentine performing his slick guitar solo towards the bridge. The video features Morton's band The Crusades and a very 80's retro, colorful vibe.

You can watch the video below:

Top 5 Maroon 5 Love Songs for Valentine's Day

Adam Levine with ex-girlfriend Anne V. in the video for "Never Gonna Leave This Bed" in 2011.
Counting down the top 5 most romantic love songs by Maroon 5... this will be hard

It's Saint Valentine's Day. Also known as the Feast of Saint Valentine, Cupid Day, Day of Lust, or simply just a day to stay in bed and watch movies all night by yourself with a tub of ice cream. Either or, we have a got a newly brewed countdown for you. The top 5 love songs by pop rock Los Angeles rockers Maroon 5. 

We're excluding songs pre-Maroon 5, which include James Valentine's band Square and Kara's Flowers. We're only including songs from the band's 4 studio albums; Songs About Jane, It Won't Be Soon Before Long, Hands All Over, and Overexposed, and the EP The B-Side Collection. Last year we did a similar countdown but was cleverly titled the Top 10 Heartbreaking Maroon 5 Songs of all time, however was deleted, somehow. Don't ask... But today, according to suggestions from fans who follow us on Twitter and Facebook and other critical web blogs, we're counting down the top 5 love songs.

So let's get started.

5. "Miss You, Love You", from the album The B-Side Collection

Starting off the countdown is an outtake from Maroon 5's second studio album, It Won't Be Soon Before Long titled "Miss You Love You", derived from the EP The B-Side Collection. The song is a simply well put-together tune consisting of cheesy, melodic lyrics such as "I miss you, I love you, It's a shame you can't stay away from me this time." Let's not forget Adam's croon at the start of the song as he sings "...going south, kiss your mouth, lick my lips, grab your hips." 

4. "I Can't Lie", from the album Hands All Over

"I Can't Lie" is undeniably one of Maroon 5's most romantic, easy-on-the-ears type of songs with an easy listening guitar rhythm that'll be sure to make you sway back and forth. Practically listening to the song makes you get butterflies in your stomach. Simply about Levine confessing his want for a woman of higher power, "I Can't Lie" has cheesy, yet desirable lyrics including the chorus; "I can't lie you're on my mind, stuck inside my head, I wanna feel your heart beat for me instead, yeah." 

3. "Never Gonna Leave This Bed", from the album Hands All Over

Okay, so it's easy to say that Hands All Over is obviously Maroon 5's sexiest album with more songs about love rather than love lost, like it's predecessors Jane (2002) and It Won't Be Soon... (2007). "Never Gonna Leave This Bed" speaks for itself in the title of the song as it's simply about Levine and a girl holding on to a relationship that's just TOO good to let go. "Wake you up, in the middle of the night to say, I will never walk away again [...] I'm never gonna leave this bed," singer Adam Levine sings in the first chrorus of this Levine-Carmichael masterpiece. 

2. "She Will Be Loved", from the album Songs About Jane

One of Maroon 5's biggest hits of all time, "She Will Be Loved" comes close to first place. But not just quite. "Loved" was one of the L.A. group's first top 10 hit singles and has thus far achieved a multi-platinum status world wide over the past decade even winning Maroon 5 their first Grammy Award in 2005 for Best New Artist. Unlike all the other tracks on the band's big-time debut, Songs About Jane, this cut leans more towards wishful thinking and high hopes for loving that special lady rather than "I'm never coming back" vibe like the rest of Jane. That's what makes "Loved" a unique stand-out from the album, and high on the top 5 list. But what could possibly be #1?

1. "Daylight", from the album Overexposed 

Here we are at #1. One of Maroon 5's biggest hits last year, "Daylight" takes the top spot on our top 5 Maroon 5 love songs of all time. Maybe you disagree, but pay attention to the lyrics. Often compared to Bruno Mars' single "Just the Way You Are", "Daylight" is about Levine falling in love with a woman overnight (maybe a one night stand...?) much like "One More Night", but without the guilt, as Billboard states. It may be another song about saying goodbye, however it has its "I would kill to see you again" moments. 

Disagree with this countdown? What are some of your favorite love songs by Maroon 5? Share with us on Twitter or in the comment section below.


Adam Levine Begs, Usher and Shakira Come Back for Vengeance in New 'Voice' Teaser

Adam, Shakira, Usher, and Blake on The Voice
Adam Levine is a beggar, Usher is a looker, Shakira is a fighter, and Blake uses Geography in The Voice season 6 sneak peek

The Voice is about to return to televisions nation wide in just under 2 weeks with a brand new season with a brand new, yet very recognizable cast of coaches and a new style. In this new teaser clip, it shows that Maroon 5 front man Adam Levine will get on his knees literally for an auditioner with great ability as well as returning coaches Usher and Shakira fighting for the winning spot this season. With its premiere under way, host Carson Daly talked about the new vibe and outline of the Voice's sixth season.

The Voice season 6 premieres on Monday, February 24 at 8/7pm CPT only on NBC!

Watch the new teaser clip of The Voice season 6 below:


Maroon 5 Perform 'All My Loving' at The Beatles Tribute

Maroon 5 performing on A Night That Changed America: A GRAMMY Salute to The Beatles.
Maroon 5 opened up The Beatles tribute concert with "All My Loving" and "Ticket to Ride" on CBS

Last month, Los Angeles pop rockers Maroon 5 performed "Ticket to Ride" and "All My Loving" on the Beatles tribute concert which later aired on Sunday, February 9 on CBS. The band opened the show bringing in over 14 million viewers.

You can watch Maroon 5 perform both songs below:


Aloe Blacc to Advice Adam Levine on The Voice

Adam Levine and Aloe Blacc on Season 6 on The Voice.
"The Man" singer will serve as Adam Levine's team adviser on The Voice season 6

It was announced on Monday, (Feb. 10) that hip hop soul singer Aloe Blacc will follow up Ryan Tedder on NBC's show The Voice as Team Adam's team adviser. Last season, One Republic singer and songwriter Ryan Tedder was Levine's team adviser and improved the Maroon 5 lead singer's team well as Jamaican singer Tessanne Chin took home the 'Voice' prize on the season finale.

The Voice's sixth season is set to premiere on Monday, February 24 on NBC at 8/7pm CPT.

Watch the new teaser for The Voice season 6 below:


Melanie Martinez Streams New Song 'Dollhouse'

Melanie, Carson, and Adam (right) on the 'Voice' stage.
The Team Adam alum releases her first single "Dollhouse"

On Sunday (Feb. 9), singer and songwriter Melanie Martinez released her debut major label single entitled "Dollhouse" through iTunes and Amazon. The former 'Voice' season 3 contestant and Team Adam member said the single was inspired by late 80's R&B and pop music and the song will be featured on her upcoming independent studio album later this year through Chappell Music and Warner Music Group.

You can download the song via iTunes Store here:

Also, preview the song "Dollhouse" below:


Adam Levine Speaks About The Beatles

The Maroon 5 frontman talks about how the Beatles has inspired him since he was a child 

Adam Levine sat down with producers over at CBS's show Sunday Morning to talk about his influence on The Beatles. Correspondent Anthony Mason asks the lead singer of Maroon 5 to describe how he was introduced to the music of The Beatles and how it influenced his own music.

You can watch the full interview by clicking on the link:

Don't miss Maroon 5 performing on the Grammy Salute to The Beatles TOMORROW on CBS at 8/7p CT!


Maroon 5 Perform 'Ticket to Ride' at Grammy Salute to The Beatles Concert

Maroon 5 performing at the Night That Changed America: A GRAMMY Tribute to The Beatles on Jan. 27th.
Maroon 5 perform the famous hit "Ticket to Ride" at the Grammy Salute to the Beatles concert

On January 27, many musical acts from around the nation performed and covered several Beatles tunes in tribute to The Beatles. Los Angeles pop rock band Maroon 5 performed the Beatles' hit single "Ticket to Ride" on the Grammy Salute to The Beatles special and you can watch a small clip of the band performing it below.

Make sure you watch Maroon 5 perform on the Night That Changed America: A GRAMMY Salute to the Beatles on Sunday, Feb. 9th at 8/7p CPT only on CBS! More info: http://cbsloc.al/1ezxm2a

Watch Maroon 5 perform "Ticket to Ride" below:

James Valentine to Write with X Factor Winners Sierra & Alex

Maroon 5 guitarist James Valentine to work with the X Factor stars in the near future

On Friday (Feb. 7), it was said that Maroon 5 guitarist James Valentine was to write and help work on new material with recent X Factor winners Alex Kinsey and Sierra Deaton. Alex and Sierra had recently won the U.S. television competition show the X Factor on December 19.

On Thursday, February 6, the official Alex and Sierra account tweeted saying "writing in this [California] weather with James Valentine, Ali Tamposi, and Ruth-Anne Cunningham." View the tweet here or below now.

As for those other two names in the tweet, Ali Tamposi has penned such singles as Kelly Clarkson’s “What Doesn’t Kill You (Stronger)” and a few numbers for Queen Bey herself while Irish artist Ruth-Anne Cunningham is best known stateside for co-writing JoJo’s “Too Little Too Late.”


Maroon 5 Perform Super Bowl Show at Beacon Theater

Maroon 5 in 2011.
Maroon 5 rock New York City at Beacon Theater

Maroon 5 performed a private show sponsored in part of JBL Audio on Friday (Jan. 31) in New York City. The band returned to the critically acclaimed Beacon Theater after performing a show-stopping performance at the venue back in July of 2010 in support of their third studio album Hands All Over.  The band performed a lengthy set list with no supporting acts.

You can watch Maroon 5 perform "Love Somebody" at the Beacon Theater below: