Maroon 5 Passes Black Eyed Peas For Highest Selling Group

Maroon 5's newest single "Payphone", featuring Wiz Khalifa, may have topped the states' Digital Sales charts and roared onto the Hot 100 and Pop Songs chart, but not only have they had made the biggest selling digital sales week of the year so far (for Billboard), but they are officially the biggest selling group of all time. On April 26, 2012 the group was  dubbed with the highest best-selling digital track of all time with their new pop-diverse hit single as it sold 493,000 within it's first week while the Peas' single "Boom Boom Pow" sold 464,000 in it's first week back in 2009.

Go Maroon 5! The new album OVEREXPOSED drops June 26, 2012 in the United States. Pre-order the album and download the new single "Payphone" on iTunes Store here!


Maroon 5 Conquers: Their Successful Week On The Charts

Maroon 5 has had their biggest sales week they have ever had in their career this week as they dropped their new pop-driven single "Payphone", featuring Wiz Khalifa, last Monday (April 16) and premiered the track live on NBC's hit singing competition show The Voice. The song, since then, has had a week of success on the charts, including the song entering at a whopping No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100. That's the group's highest debut since their 2011 hit single "Moves Like Jagger", featuring Christina Aguilera, debuted at No. 8.

First off, "Payphone" entered several charts this week. Over on the Billboard Digital Songs chart the single debuted atop the chart, passing by big hits like Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend" and The Wanted's "Glad You Came." On It is the biggest digital selling single OF THE YEAR. It sold 493,000 digital downloads in its first week and subsequently debuted at number one on the Hot Digital Songs chart, the best sales week for a digital song by a group since The Black Eyed Peas' "Boom Boom Pow" topped the chart with sales of 464,000 units in April 2009.

Secondly, the single debuted on the Pop Songs chart, which made Billboard history this week entering at the highest-ever debut on the chart ever, at No. 21, since N*SYNC's debut of "Pop" back in 2001, which charted at No. 21 as well.  On the Adult Pop Songs chart "Payphone" debuted at number 17, the highest-ever debut by a group and the third-highest overall. The track also debuted on the Billboard Radio Songs chart entering at No. 36. The song has been gaining much gratitude in airplay this week, and looks like it's gaining more. We should expect it to enter the top 20 in the next two weeks or so.

The single's music video is in the works, as Adam Levine teases us with fine shots of his bloody-lip and torn clothes on Twitter, and TMZ feeds tell us details that only make us want to know more. The video should be out by the end of May.


Maroon 5's 'Payphone' Roars Onto Billboard Hot 100

Maroon 5's new single, as already reported, has taken a doosy charging onto the Billboard Top Pop Songs chart earlier this week at No. 21, matching up for the highest debut on the chart since N*Sync's 2001 single "Pop", and entering at No. 17 on the Adult Pop Songs chart as well. As reported today via Billboard.com the band roars on to the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart at No. 3. That's the highest debut Maroon 5 has ever entered the chart since their entry for "Moves Like Jagger", featuring Christina Aguilera, last summer charted at No. 8.

The band has taken in to consideration to release more pop and diverse singles before releasing ballads and acoustic tracks for radio singles. The songs "One More Night", "Love Somebody", and "Tickets" have all been considered to be the next follow-up single for the band's second single from their upcoming, most-anticipated album , Overexposed.

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Payphone Enters Adult Pop Songs Chart, Makes Pop Songs Chart History

Billboard announced this past Monday (April 25) that Maroon 5 had entered the Pop Songs chart with their new single "Payphone", featuring Wiz Khalifa, at No. 21, making it the highest debut entrance on the chart in history tie-ing up with former boy band N*Sync's 2001 single "Pop" which debuted at the same position. 

But ass announced yesterday via Billboard News the group maintained a high debut on the Adult Pop Songs chart as well. The band's new song entered at No. 17, making it the third highest debut in Billboard history on the chart. This only makes all of us more eager to see how "Payphone" will chart, successfully or not, on the Billboard' Top Hot 100 singles chart this coming Thursday. We will have to wait and see.

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Maroon 5 Makes Billboard History With 'Payphone' On Pop Songs Chart

Maroon 5's newly anticipated album, Overexposed, ready to drop June 26th, is already getting some love from the industry. The band's new single, and lead single off the album, "Payphone", featuring rapper Wiz Khalifa, made Billboard history this week on the Billboard charts as it debuted on the Billboard Top Pop Songs chart at No. 21. The is apparently the highest any track ha bowed on the chart since N'Sync's single "Pop" debuted at the same position on the chart in 2001. Nice job Maroon 5, we have a feeling that you will be topping charts, even, with this one. 

Rumour has it that the band's next single will be a promotional release on the song "One More Night" which may be set to come out on May 18th next month. Whether the details on this release is one-hundred percent true is un-clear, but on U.K. blogs and Wikipedia notes it states that the track will indeed be released digitally in the next coming month before the expected date of the release of their fourth album in June.

The video for the song "Payphone" was just filmed last week in southern California where it seemed like Adam Levine, frontman and coach on NBC's hit show The Voice, was having yet another tough time with his mate (in the video). Posting pictures of him running down the street with a bloody lip and blood stained clothes and riding in a car maybe in a high-speed-chase. If you want to see these photos you can click here!


Adam Levine On Paper Magazine Cover for This May

Maroon 5's very own Adam Levine is on the cover of next month's issue of Paper Magazine. You can check out the cover below!


Maroon 5 To Perform On The Today Show June 29, Toyota Concert Series

Maroon 5 is set to perform again this summer on The Today Show's Toyota Concert series on June 29, 2012. They will be performing their new music from their upcoming fourth studio release Overexposed, which is set to drop June 26, 2012 in the United States. 

For more information on who is performing this summer on The Today Show, click here


Maroon '5 Nominations' At 2012 BBMA

Maroon 5 Up For 5 Nods At the 2012 BBMA

Maroon 5 performing at the 2012 Grammys.
Maroon 5 is up for not one, not two, but five nominations this year at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards (BBMAs), and can you guess for what? Yeah, mostly for their number-one hit "Moves Like Jagger", featuring pop-star Christina Aguilera, released last summer making it four weeks atop the Billboard's very own Hot 100 singles chart.

The group is already set to make more singles and releases this year for a possible line-up of nominations at award ceremonies next year as they are dropping their new album Overexposed on June 26, 2012. Their new single "Payphone", featuring rapper Wiz Khalifa, just came out on the sixteenth of April. The music video is in the works. See photos leaked from the filming of the song's video here!

the Billboard Music Awards will be held this year at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada and will be televised live at 9/8c on ABC May 20th. Maroon 5 is nominated for 5 of the 40 nominations this year, but don't worry, it's the 5 biggest categories in the show. They are nominated for Top Duo/Group against the likes of Black Eyed Peas, Lady Antebellum, and Coldplay. The band is nominated for their single "Moves Like Jagger" under the categories Top Hot 100 Single, Top Digital Song, Top Radio Song, and Top Pop Song.

See the full list of nominations here!


Maroon 5 Plan Filming Music Video For Payphone This Week

Maroon 5 released their anticipated single "Payphone", featuring rapper Wiz Khalifa, two nights ago on NBC's singing competition The Voice. The song became the number-one selling track digitally on iTunes in over 10 countries over night. Their album dropped for pre-order with the preview of the new single and has topped 10+ countries including the United States. Later Monday night (April 16), VEVO uploaded an animated music video showing the explicit lyrics of the song and Khalifa's raps. You can watch the video featured on this blog above!
A hoax or not, a music video is said to be filmed tomorrow and the next day (April 19 and 20) for the single "Payphone" at Industrial St, Mateo St at Mill St, Los Angeles. 
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Overexposed Tracklist Revieled

01 - One More Night
02 - Payphone feat. Wiz Khalifa
03 - Daylight
04 - Lucky Strike
05 - The Man Who Never Lied
06 - Love Somebody
07 - Lady Killer
08 - Fortune Teller
09 - Sad
10 - Tickets
11 - Doin’ Dirt feat. Blake Shelton
12 - Beautiful Goodbye
15 - Kiss


Maroon 5 Special Overexposed Deluxe Pre-Order, Songs About Jane 10th Anniversary Edition Released

New Single “Payphone” featuring Wiz Khalifa LIVE Tonight on ‘The Voice’

Posted Apr 16.2012

We're set to perform our NEW single “Payphone” featuring Wiz Khalifa LIVE tonight on ‘The Voice’

“Payphone” will be available on iTunes immediately following the performance tonight. You will also be able to pre-order the standard and deluxe versions of ‘Overexposed’ at iTunes orMaroon5.com following the performance.
Also a special Songs About Jane 10th Anniversary re-issue, as well as Overexposed Deluxe package, will be available in full at Maroon5.com. Pre-orders are available in the following packages:

Overexposed CD & Digital Download:
- Standard (12 Songs) & Deluxe (12 songs + 3 Bonus Songs) Edition

iTunes Pre-Order:
- Full album + 2 Bonus Songs

Overexposed Deluxe Package:
- Physical Overexposed CD (+ Digital Download)
- Overexposed Vinyl
- Limited Edition 'Overexposed' T-shirt
- 12 Postcards featuring Overexposed album cover art for each song

Songs About Jane 10th Anniversary Re-issue:
- 2 Disc CD Re-issue of Songs About Jane, featuring Original Demos, unreleased Material + Videos
- Limited Edition Lithograph incorporating original art inspired by each song

Overexposed Deluxe Package & Songs About Jane 10th Anniversary Re-issue:
- Physical Overexposed CD (+ Digital Download)
- Overexposed Vinyl
- Limited Edition 'Overexposed' T-shirt
- 12 Postcards featuring Overexposed album cover art for each song
- 2 Disc CD re-issue of 'Songs About Jane,' featuring original demos, unreleased material + videos
- Limited Edition Lithograph incorporating original art inspired by each song
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Maroon 5 Premiers "Payphone" with Wiz Khalifa

Maroon 5 Premiers "Payphone" featuring Wiz Khalifa

Maroon 5's long awaited new single "Payphone", featuring rapper Wiz Khalifa, from their upcoming fourth studio album release, Overexposed, is finally here. It premiered this morning globally premiering on top 40 mainstream radio stations. It has so far picked up TT on Twitter in over 15 countries! Now you can listen to the new track below from start to finish!

Listen to the song below:

Audio Content:Payphone


Overexposed Pre-Order Available Tomorrow!

Overexposed digital download album cover.

Maroon 5's fourth studio album Overexposed will be available to pre-order online on iTunes Store tomorrow evening (April 16). The track "Payphone" featuring rappr Wiz Khalifa will also be available for digital download for only $1.29. The track listing for the album will also be revealed tomorrow afternoon via iTunes. We will release the list tomorrow after the live show of NBC's The Voice.

Don't miss Maroon 5 and Wiz Khalifa performing the new single Payphone tomorrow night live on The Voice at 8/7 c on NBC!


Maroon 5 Included In Lineup For Wango Tango 2012

Maroon 5 Joins Wiz Khalifa & More at Wango Tango 2012

102.7 KIIS-FM's 2012 logo for Wango Tango (C) KIIS-FM

Maroon 5 will be performing as part in the line-up for 102.7 KIIS-FM's 2012 Wango Tango Festival. Theband will be performing their latest music from their upcoming fourth studio album Overexposed, including their newly anticipated single "Payphone" featuring Wiz Khalifa, whom will also be performing in the lineup for this year's Wango Tango. 

Maroon 5 will be joining the likes of Wiz Khalifa, Gym Class Heroes, Foster the People, Chiddy Bang, The Wanted, Carly Rae Jepson, and several more!

You can find out more information about the 2012 Wango Tango festival at 102.7 KIIS-FM's website! It will be hosted at the Home Depot Center on May 12, 2012.


Overexposed Pre-Order Set For Next Monday

Maroon 5's Fourth Album Is Set For Pre-Order

Maroon 5's fourth album, Overexposed, is set for pre-order on iTunes Store this coming Monday (April 16) at midnight/11c. The album will come with a new track "Payphone", featuring rapper Wiz Khalifa, for only $1.29. The band will be performing the new song with the Philadelphia rapper on Monday night's show of The Voice on NBC. Tune in at 8/7pm c. Don't miss it!

The band's fourth album is the follow up to their third studio album, Hands All Over, which dropped in September of 2010 worldwide and was certified platinum in the United States, peaking at no. 2 on the Billboard 200 albums chart. The group leaked the album cover for Overexposed on Tuesday night (April 10) on E! News, while the following day the group sent out a newsletter with the single cover for "Payphone." Many critics are weighing in on the new look for the band's new music.  According to Natalie Finn from E! News, "the psychedelic Beatles-dipped-in-Cream cover is a where-do-you-look-first wink at the pop-music world, which is so crowded with egos and images these days that it becomes almost impossible to just focus on the music." 

Remember to PRE-ORDER the band's fourth album OVEREXPOSED next Monday, April 16 following a brand new live episode of NBC's The Voice + download "Payphone" for $1.29. OVEREXPOSED drops June 26, 2012.


Maroon 5 Released Album Cover For Overexposed, Announces New Songs Added to Tracklist

Overexposed Album Art & Payphone Performance

Below is a first look at the new album cover for "Overexposed," which features 12 new songs, out June 26th.

We will be performing the newest single "Payphone" featuring Wiz Khalifa on The Voice this Monday April 16th!
Immediately following the performance, you will be able to purchase the song on iTunes
The Voice airs at 8/7c on NBC.

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Maroon 5 To Perform New Single On The Voice Next MondayMond

Maroon 5 Debuts New Single 'Payphone' Monday

Maroon 5 is set to perform next week on NBC's The Voice on Monday night to debut their new single "Payphone", featuring Wiz Khalifa. The studio version of the song will be released digitally on iTunes Store for download. Last year, the group took the stage at the finale of The Voice to debut their (what would be number-one hit) single "Moves Like Jagger", featuring fellow coach and pop-star Christina Aguilera. It was one of the most watched finale's that a live television competition show had in years since the American Idol finale of 2008. Whether rapper Wiz Khalifa will perform with Maroon 5 next Monday on The Voice is yet to be announced.

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Adam Levine Head To Head With Cee Lo On The Voice,

Team Adam Versus Team Cee Lo On Tonight's Episode Of The Voice
The Voice airs live tonight on at 8/7c PM.

Last week on NBC's singing competition The Voice coaches Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton went head-to-head matching their team's together live on stage and eliminating three from each team to get sent home. This week, it's Adam Levine and Cee Lo Green's turn to take the stage with their teams. 

Tune in tonight on NBC to catch the second week of the live shows of The Voice at 8/7c pm.

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Adam Levine To Be On New Episode Of Last Call With Carson Daly

Maroon 5 Frontman To Feature on NBC Night Show

Adam Levine will be on a new episode of the Last Call With Carson Daly Show on Tuesday, April 10th at 1:35/12:35 C AM on NBC. Adam will discuss his new song writing material, his spot as a coach on this year's second season of The Voice, and his personal experiences with the younger age of punk rock and roll. Don't miss it!


Maroon 5 To Release New Single 'Payphone' On April 17

Maroon 5 Release "Payphone" On April 17
Wiz Khalifa, the featured artist, says new single to be out by the end of April on iTunes.

Maroon 5's newly anticipated single "Payphone" featuring Philadelphia rapper and singer-songwriter Wiz Khalifa is set to be released on April 17th on iTunes Store. The track will represent as the band's lead single to their upcoming fourth studio album, Overexposed, which drops June 26, 2012. "Payphone" was written by frontman Adam Levine, rapper Wiz Khalifa, and producer Benjiman Levin, also known as Benny Blanco. Blanco has served as the co-producer for the band's new album as well, alingside with Max Martin and One Republic vocalist Ryan Tedder. 

Make sure to look out for the single on iTunes Store at MIDNIGHT on April 17th, 2012!

Overexposed, the album, drops JUNE 26TH!


James Valentine In New Group JJMAMZ, New Album Drops July

JJAMZ Announce New Album 'Suicide Pact' Out July

Introducing… JJAMZ - It's an indie collective!

Bright Eyes Photos

  • Bright Eyes - INDIO, CA - APRIL 16:  Musical group Bright Eyes performs during Day 2 of the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival 2011 held at the Empire Polo Club on April 16, 2011 in Indio, California.
  • Bright Eyes - INDIO, CA - APRIL 16:  Musical group Bright Eyes perform during Day 2 of the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival 2011 held at the Empire Polo Club on April 16, 2011 in Indio, California.
  • Bright Eyes - Conor brings country to the UK with his performance of songs from <i>Cassadaga</i> on the T-Mobile Transmission broadcast at the Old Truman brewery in London on March 15, 2007.

JJAMZ is an indie-collective featuring:

Jason Boesel (Rilo KileyBright Eyes)
James Valentine (Maroon 5)
Alex Greenwald (Phantom Planet)
Michael Runion (solo)
Z Berg (The Like)

Get it? Go down the list and spell it out, folks.

Their debut Suicide Pact drops July 10 via Dangerbird. It's indie rock royalty right here.

JJAMZ (pronounced juh-Jamz) is comprised of Jason Boesel (Rilo Kiley, Bright Eyes), James Valentine (Maroon 5), Alex Greenwald (Phantom Planet), Michael Runion (solo), and Z Berg (The Like) and is a musical story of five best friends. JJAMZ will release their debut album, Suicide Pact, on July 10 via Dangerbird.

Only friends as close as JJAMZ could provide such a rewarding synthesis of disparate musical tastes, coupled with perilously revealing lyrics; it's as if Rumours were recorded by My Bloody ValentineFiona Apple sang "Heart of Glass" or Andrew W.K. wrote Saturday Night Fever. This mix of accessibility and surprise stands as JJAMZ' greatest asset. In a collaboration which stems solely from the joy it brings and the refuge it provides, JJAMZ have created a record that needed to be written, and provides that same escape for anyone who listens.

The story of friends starting a band together is not entirely unfamiliar – in fact, most of us probably know someone who cites a similar beginning – but what is completely unique in this case is the brilliant collection this particular group has created. The combined talents of this unlikely collaboration yield an emotional, powerful listen that is utterly different, and completely its own.

Suicide Pact was self-produced by the band with the added talents of Jason Lader (Maroon 5, Rilo Kiley, Julian Casablancas). From the churning, he-said, she-said "LAX" and the wistfully dark album title track "Suicide Pact", to the driving, Madonna-esque "Heartbeat," and the crooning, smooth vocal pairings between Berg and Runion on "Cleverly Disguised," each and every song stands on its own as a heart-wrenching narrative and a master course in lyrical prowess. With a band made up of five of music's most innovative artists, one would expect nothing less. This band, this de facto family, has made a Suicide Pact. It also happens to be the name of their record.

Track Listing:

1. Get What You Want
2. Suicide Pact
3. Heartbeat
4. Square One
5. Never Enough
6. LAX
7. Cleverly Disguised
8. Poolside
9. You Were My Home
10. Change My Mind

Are you psyched about JJAMZ? Get a free MP3 of "Heartbeat" at their website JJamzmusic.com.